A Stubborn Trainer For Your Stubborn Dog!

Headstrong Dog Training

It was a pleasure working with Charles. He demonstrated lots of patience not only with Maggie, but with me as well. In our first session, he asked lots of questions to establish a set of attainable goals for our training and to identify how many sessions we would need to accomplish our goals. Charles was honest and suggested a minimum training package – which did the trick. Because of his expertise and methodical approach, Maggie has made lots of progress in our 3 sessions. Charles is our go to dog trainer for life! - Adam & Maggie

We adopted Mellie as a puppy and while she responded really well to our training she struggled when she went to doggy day care and boarding.  We needed someone who could help with some of her challenges in big groups of dogs and Charles was just the man for the job. He helped us understand what caused her challenges and with his help we moved her to a smaller group doggy day care and boarding facility and gave her the skills to reduce her challenges at doggy day care. He has a great calming way with dogs and humans!  We are grateful for all of Charles' help and advice, you can see from the first moment you meet him his love of dogs and that is so very important to us.- Gary & Annalie

Having adopted a lab puppy, I had several issues that needed immediate attention.  When I found Charles at Headstrong Dog Training, my puppy Carter was breaking out of his crate & chewing up items whenever I left and walking on a leash was an adventure every time – he wanted to play with all the dogs he saw.   After the first visit with Charles, I saw immediate improvement.  Charles never pushed extra training or products like I have seen in the past.  He was also very flexible with scheduling and came to me which was wonderful.

Charles is patient (with both the dog and owner) we worked on everything from walking, to being out of the crate without tearing anything up, to basic commands. The difference is amazing. I highly recommend Charles to anyone who has need of a trainer. My dog Carter loves him and the training was fun using positive reinforcement.  I especially liked the ability to email and ask any question and get a fast response – I am so grateful that I found Headstrong Training. It has made all the difference!  
-Sandy & Carter

If you are looking for an exceptionally talented dog trainer, look no further than Charles with Headstrong Training. We couldn't be more pleased with the progress our little fur baby has made in the last 8 weeks! From the moment we met Charles we knew he'd be a perfect fit for training our puppy face. He's very knowledgeable, I never felt like a bad fur parent, he never advocated that we use any type of harsh methods to train her, and Ingrid just loved all the treats he had for her! You can definitely see that Charles has a big heart for all fur babies and for us that was most important of all. We can't thank him enough! 
-Brittany, Jeremy & Ingrid

If you are in need of an experienced, kind-heart trainer, Charles is the MAN!!!  My husband and I have had dogs all our life and were taken by surprise with Jordan's nervous temperament. He worked with Jordan over the past 6 weeks and has helped change her life and ours.  Jordan was abused by previous contacts before we received her late one night in July.  Charles worked with us to gain her trust and to act like a good girl; she is starting to act like a real puppy! We are grateful for all of Charles' help and advice.  It is great to have a reliable source in the area to ask questions.  
- Charlotte, Jeff & Jordan

 I adopted a 3 year old beagle, Duncan, about a month ago. He is a sweet and wonderful dog but did not have basic manners. He was  especially terrible walking on his leash . I knew I needed help with training him and contacted Charles at Headstrong Dog Training. Beagles can be a little stubborn so I knew I had the right person. He immediately gave me the tools I needed to work with Duncan. Charles is calm and has great leadership in training my beagle and me. His techniques are easy to follow and he sent, by email, my homework after each session. In one short month I have a well behaved beagle!  He no longer pulls on his leash, but pays attention to me. Charles is a very effective trainer.  
- Jeanne & Duncan