A Stubborn Trainer For Your Stubborn Dog!

Headstrong Dog Training

Hank is the reason I have dedicated my life to training and helping dogs.  He was my first rescue and the most difficult one.  Immediately after adopting Hank his issues became apparent; he bonded strongly with me but not with my wife or anyone else.  Unfortunately, I did not yet possess the knowledge and experience to help him.  Now that I am a certified trainer and have studied dog behavior extensively, I know that Hank had an extreme case of resource guarding (of both food and us) and fear aggression (he attacked because he was afraid or uneasy).  While these behaviors could have been changed, someone in his past had conditioned him to hide his natural, canine warning signs. This meant that Hank went from lying comfortably on a dog bed to latching onto an arm in a mere second.  There was no growling or staring which is common predictors in most dogs.  One of the more dangerous aspects of Hank was that his “flight” response was non-existent.  Somewhere he learned that “fighting” in any situation was his best course of action to gain whatever it was that he wanted.  After making many mistakes and relying on dog trainers who (I know now) could not help us, Hank had bitten several people (my wife and I on more than one occasion) and attacked two of our own dogs.  Countless disjointed training sessions, intensive boarding programs, shock collars, and $5000 later, we had made no progress with Hank.  After he attacked our puppy for the second time, I had to make the most difficult decision a dog owner could make.   Though we likely gave Hank three more years than he would have gotten with any other owners, our love and vigilance were not enough.   As I waited at the vet with Hank on his final day, I vowed that I would never let another dog or owner be helpless again.  I have dedicated my life to learning as much about canine behavior and training techniques as possible in order to help others to avoid making the same mistakes.  Headstrong Dog Training is dedicated to dogs and the people that love them.