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Headstrong Dog Training

Headstrong Dog Training supports rescue efforts nationwide and here in the Triangle area.  Here are a few organizations to consider when looking for your next pet!

SPCA of Wake County

Triangle Beagle Rescue

Franklin County SPCA

American Black & Tan Coonhound

Charles Abney

Owner and Head Trainer


Training Partner

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 Headstrong Dog Training was established so that Charles could help owners have a more enjoyable relationship with their dogs.  Behavior and training issues can be overwhelming when you don't know where to turn for help.  Having personally been in that exact position is what pushed Charles to become a certified dog trainer; to help others in need!  He has helped transport or foster more than 30 dogs over the past 4 years, many with difficult behavioral issues. Becoming a certified, professional dog trainer was the next step toward helping dogs and their people have a fun and healthy relationship for life.   Keep in mind that it is not required for a dog trainer to be “certified” in order to open a dog training business.  Charles spent a year of studying and practical application before being certified through the Animal Behavioral College.  Charles spent time working with Mike Suttle at Logan Haus Kennels learning proper Scent Identification Training techniques.  Logan Haus Kennels supplies and trains working dogs for the US Military, Law Enforcement Agencies and Canadian Special Forces.

Logan Haus Kennels - World Class Working Dogs


Proven methods and problem solving will give you the results you need.


Being Dog owners and fosters ourselves we understand the frustration that comes with certain unwanted behaviors.


We will give you a straight forward and honest assessment of your dog.  We will not push unnecessary training on you just to make a buck.

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