Headstrong Dog Training

A Stubborn Trainer For Your Stubborn Dog!

Headstrong Dog Training specializes in positive reinforcement-based in-home training and behavioral consults.  We are dedicated to improving the relationship between you and your dog.  Training isn't a hobby for us, it's our life!

Positive Reinforcement 

We use your dogs love of food, affection and toys to shape their behavior.

Phone Consulting

If you have an issue with your dog please call immediately for a free phone consult.

Specialized Training 

We customize a training program for your dogs specific issues.  We offer a range of packages to suit your needs!

Group Classes 

It is important to properly socialize your dog to avoid future behavioral problems.  Do this in a safe environment with the help of our group classes.

January 2014 Triangle dog issue!

Recently The Triangle Dog published an article on training dogs to be around babies written by Charles and featuring Leroy.  Click on the picture of Leroy next to  this to read it!

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